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One Leg Shorter Than the Other? Now What?


According to podiatrytoday.com, it is common for children and adults to experience one leg shorter than the other. For many, this can create an imbalance that can increase muscle tension and contribute to osteoarthritis in the long term. In extreme cases, an individual may walk with a limp or uneven gait. According to the Journal of Canadian Chiropractic Association, “Leg length discrepancy (LLD) is a common condition that results in uneven and excessive loading of not only knee joints but also hip joints and lumbar motion segments.” The body will attempt to compensate for leg length differences, creating strain on the spine, back, and muscles.

What is Chiropractic?


What is chiropractic and what does a chiropractor do? Being clear on the role chiropractic plays in health can explain how it can address health challenges faced by many. Without this basic understanding - theory, word of mouth, limited experience and marketing can be confusing and lead to misconceptions. By becoming informed about the role of chiropractic care in health you can decide if it right for you, and clearly identify if your goals can be met.