Patient Testimonials

Patient - Primary Concern: Sciatica, headaches, tingling in arms and legs. Severe neck pain. Pain in my hip

I've had great results with Dr. Luther. Nothing else gave me the pain relief and increased movement of my neck. His special adjustments are a wonderful alternative to drugs and to 'just dealing with the pain.' I have had two neck injuries in the seven years I've been a patient of Dr. Luther's. His knowledge of the spine and his expertise in doing the correct adjustment have helped me so much. The medical doctors always have a pill to treat the symptoms, but Dr. Luther treats the cause of your pain and discomfort. I cannot say enough about Dr. Luther. He truly has improved the quality of my everyday life. ~ Stephanie

Patient - Primary Concern: Bad lower back

Amazing relief - renewed strength throughout all of my body - able to work-out longer and harder and felt better all around. ~ Kylee

Patient - Primary Concern:Chronic neck pain and severe muscle tension in shoulders

I had very uncomfortable and painful neck and shoulder problems for about 15 years and could not find any relief. Once I was able to get this chiropractic care the pain and discomfort subsided. I'm now able to live very comfortably without the nagging, daily pain. I've been under this care for many years now and have found that it keeps me healthier and much less prone to getting sick every year. ~ Robin

Patient - Primary Concern: Back pain

I am a 57 year old woman with a history of back problems. Two years ago while taking a shower, my back ìsnappedî and I was unable to stand up straight without severe pain. I went to an orthopedic surgeon who performed x-rays including an MRI. He could find nothing wrong on the x-rays and recommended a neurologist. She was also unable to find the cause of the pain but suggested eight weeks of physical therapy. During and after PT the problem continued and not only was I still in pain but getting depressed about my lack of mobility. I visited Dr. Greg Luther who was recommended by a friend. That was the best recommendation Iíve ever received. Dr. Luther was able to spot on the x-rays an area in my neck (upper cervical) that was misaligned. After two adjustments I was walking without pain. Dr. Luther humbly states he assists my body in healing itself and doesn't take credit for my recovery. But I know without him I would not feel as good as I do today. ~ Sandra (see a recent video review from Sandra below).

Patient - Primary Concern: Back and neck and overall health

Generally when I come in with a cold or flu I'm back to being healthy in a couple days. Relief from back and neck pain, especially after being in an auto accident. ~ Chris

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